Black Hills Hydro Turf specializes in hydroseeding, soil preparation, dirt work, grading, on-site topsoil screening, and turf establishment for lawns, athletic fields, erosion control and reclamation. We sell and deliver screened topsoil and compost. We also offer trucking services. See our latest projects on  Facebook .

We select the best grass varieties, mulch and fertilizer for your project and apply them at the appropriate rates to ensure good establishment of the turf.

Soil Preparation
With our equipment we can till, remove rock, and smooth the earth to meet your projects needs.

Dirtwork and Precision Grading

We can grade your existing area as well as import and spread topsoil, decorative rock and gravel for lawns, planters, and driveways. We offer precision grading using our Bobcat Grader with cross slope control.

Landscaping Services

While the focus of our business is hydroseeding, soil preparation, and dirtwork we can also install edging, landscape rock, and plant shrubs and trees. If there is a service you need that we don't provide please contact one of our Preferred Landscape Contractors. 


With our 15 ton capacity dump truck we can haul topsoil, gravel or anything else that will fit in the bed.

On-Site Topsoil Screening

Our compact and mobile equipment can be brought to your location to remove rock and other debris from your stockpiled topsoil.

Turf Establishment
We have the capability to water, mow and control weeds in large seeded areas to aid in turf establishment.


Screened Topsoil

Quality topsoil is screened to remove rocks, roots and debris larger than 3/4 inch. For gardens or planters we can blend in our Humus+ Compost. Available for pickup or delivery.

Humus+ Compost

We make our compost with horse manure, bedding, and hay. We frequently turn the compost to manage the C02, moisture and temperature. Our process produce a high humus compost that is rich in plant nutrients.


Landscape Rock

We carry a large selection of landscape and decorative rock in a variety of sizes. Small quantities can be picked up. We can also deliver rock by the truckload for larger projects.

We serve Western South Dakota including the Rapid City, Sturgis, Deadwood, Lead, Spearfish, Belle Fourche, Custer, Hill City, Hot Springs, and Wall areas.


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