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Soil Preparation

Proper soil preparation is essential for successful turf planting and establishment. The soil must be tilled to allow roots, water and air to freely move through the soil. Lawns and other areas that are to be mowed must also be smooth and free of rocks.

Our soil preparation capabilities include; providing and spreading screened topsoil, ripping, rock rakingrototilling, and on-site topsoil screening.

Providing and Spreading Screened Toposoil

We can deliver our screened topsoil and spread it on your area. This is best for areas with poor or no topsoil.

Ripping alone is suitable for areas that will not be mowed where surface roughness and rocks can be tolerated.

Rock Raking
Rock raking is performed after ripping in areas that will be mowed. The rock rake smooths the ground while removing most of the rock.

Rototilling provides the best seed bed and smoothest surface. It is used for lawns and athletic fields. Rocky soil can not be rototilled.

On Site Topsoil Screening
 Our screen can be used to remove rock and debris from topsoil stockpiled at your location.


Ready to be hydroseeded

Three weeks later

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