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You just had your lawn hydroseeded.


Proper watering of your newly hydro seeded lawn is essential for germination.

  • Let mulch dry before watering the first time to allow it to set up

  • Lightly water frequently enough to keep moisture in the soil. Depending on weather temperature and soil type, your lawn may need to be watered several times per day. Too little water slows the establishment of the grass. If the seed starts to germinate and are allowed to dry out, the seedlings may die.

  • Keep soil damp, but do not allow puddles to form. Once germinated, too much water can cause the grass seedlings to have a weak root system (due to not enough oxygen being supplied to the roots).

  • When grass is tall enough to be mowed, reduce frequency of watering to once a day, depending on weather. Watering less frequently and for a longer period of time promotes deeper rooting.


  • Connect drainage plastic tile to downspouts to divert water off seeded areas.


  • As soon as grass is high enough to be mowed with mower on HIGHEST SETTING

  • Make sure ground is not too wet. You do not want to sink in or have your mower create ruts

  • Do not collect grass clippings.

  • Sharpen blades often

  • Mow often; grass thickens faster the more you mow


We have seeded your lawn with a blend that is free of weed seeds. Weed seeds present in soil can grow in your lawn area.

  • DO NOT SPRAY for perennial weeds until lawn is well established (three or more months)

  • Herbicides will damage new seedlings

  • Annual weeds will come up; mowing them down control them DO NOT PULL WEEDS


  • We provide fertilizers for the grass to become established

  • Maintenance fertilizers should be applied the following spring or in the fall

Black Hills Hydro Turf is not responsible for watering, mowing, or weed control. It is the responsibility of the owner to properly maintain their lawn through establishment and beyond.

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